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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  October 2, 2015 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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. now at 4:00, a mass shooting on a community college still developing. new details of the gunman responsible and what he asked victims before he open fired. breathing a sigh of relief for hurricane joaquin. the overnight information showing how long the storm is expected to head away from new england. plus a winery destroyed by flames. new this morning the questions being raised about the response of fire fighters. this is the fox25 morning news. >>daniel: good morning, friday, 4:00, october 2. we made it to friday.
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i am daniel miller. >>catherine: and i am catherine parrotta in today for julie grauert. we have rain for your morning commute. meteorologist shiri slir show us how the lane come into play along with the latest track of joaquin. >>shiri: you are right. an inch or more for the cape and islands. and joaquin is trending well offshore. major improvements with that track and we will get into the details on that coming up in just a little bit, but temperature-wise, lower 50s along the coastline. 40s in spots like worcester and rain along the coastline in massachusetts. at least it is rain. not quite like wednesday morning commute. be sure it is just that pound be sure it is just that pounding, heavy rain everywhere. that is not to say it is not going to pick up in intensity from the cape and islands throughout morning hours. i think it will be a little further to the north and west as you you are seeing it here. up into southern new hampshire. be ready for showers and heavier and heavier as you go south and
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east of boston. temperatures barely budging again today which mean another cool day and 10 p.m. as you are headed home from work and more showers around. we will take a closer look at the weekend and the current track to joaquin coming up. now back over to you catherine for a early look at those roads. >>catherine: the big picture and green on the map which is good news zooming in the city. 128 and 93 moving fine at this hour. the pike also doing okay. and the pike going eastbound, the roads appear to be slick but not too many vehicles getting in your way. the look at the drive times. on the pike take you 13 minutes on route 9. eight minutes from 128 to the weston tolls. 22 minutes for you. i am ucc. >> still breaking this morning
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the wake of yet another mass shooting. umpqua community college in roseberg cancels classes and all activities through the weekend as we learn new details about the gunman. the latest from the small community college. ten people are dead, including the gunman. seven others are wounded, three of them in critical condition. the gunman has been identified as 26-year-old christopher harper mercer from the area and died following a shootout with police. the father of one of the people injured is providing new insight into mercer's motive. >> he had enough time -- i don't know how much time elapsed before he was able to stand there and start asking people one by one what their religion was. are you a christian? we ask them. and if our christian, stand up, and they would stand up and he would say good, because you are a christian, you are going to see god in just with b one second and he shot and killed
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>>daniel: unbelievable. the shooter had a large amount of ammunition and body armor enough for a prolonged gun fight. they uncovered three pistols and rifle at the scene. >>catherine: new video of police searching the home of the apartment connected to the gun gunman. police went to the home at the winchester apartment. a neighbor didn't know anything about him but we sit by himself on a dark balcony. mercy's father spoke from his home in california. he said he is cooperating from the police and fbi and shocked by his son's actions. >> obviously it has been a devastating day. devastating for me and my family devastating for me and my family. all i ask is -- i know you guys are here to do your job. all i ask that you -- shocked. shocked is all i can say. >>catherine: they describe mercer as a bashful and timid person who kept to himself growing up and they would not
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the former president of umpqua community college lives in boston. he was in roseberg the time shooting and shortly after spoke with fox25 with the tragedy. >> doesn't matter if you are in boston or roseberg. when something like this happens when something like this happens, it strikes to the very heart of community. we as a nation have to come to some sort of balance, of how we balance civil liberties and -- and public safety. >>catherine: olson told us could not believe the news when is it scrolled across the bottom of his tv screen. gun control will be a major topic because of this shooting. a frustrated barack obama addressed the nation in what was his 15th statement on mass shootings since taking office. >> we are not the only country on earth with mental illnesses, for people who want to do harm to other people.
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on earth that sees these kind of mass shootings every few months. >> the president referenced shoot information newtown, connecticut, charleston, south carolina, and utah. he once again called for tougher gun control law. that stance is getting strong reaction will from local gun rights groups. >> i think it was a tragedy today that so many people lost their lives, and it really is just heartbreaking. but before we get that knee-jerk reaction and start calling for more gun legislation, let's at least understand what happened, what the motivation was. >> gun rights advocates argue our laws are strict enough and that the problem is actually enforcement. stay with fox25 and for continuing coverage of the college shooting in oregon. we expect to learn so much more about the victims and why this happened. any live news conference we bring you here and stream you live on the news app. another thing we have been
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headlines on hurricane joaquin. and the big headline this morning is it is not come together east coast. as shiri said right now it is still slamming parts of the bahamas, the eastern section of the island chain is sparsely populated but the storm is battling trees and sending surging waters up to the windows of some home. the president was changing laws to mandate evacuations for people refuse people refusing to move into shelters. so far no reports of any deaths or injuries. >> meteorologist shiri spear storm all morning. updated track of the national hurricane center will be out at 5 a.m. you can follow along with our fox25 weather app available on google play and you itunes. developing this morning, the taliban is taking to twitter saying it shot down a u.s. cargo plane near the afghan-pacquiaoi. but no evidence of hostile fire in happened at jalalabad airport
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1 people u.s. servicemembers and contractors were killed. the crash is it still being investigated. happened around lowell and prescott street around 2:00. according to our photographer, the building and to be vacant. unclear if anyone was injured at this crash. inspectors are due at the scene this morning. 4:07. federal and state agents are joining the search for missing roommates in manchester, new hampshire. 57-year-old sue hutchinson was last seen september 20. fox25 has the exclusive video showing one of her cars turning up blocks from her home. now officials are looking for her other car, a silver bmw and her roommate who might be driving that vehicle. steven bishop vanished a day after hutchinson. >> too early to say that foul play was involved, but certainly wouldn't be ruled out at this point in time. >>daniel: .
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for a silver bmw. call manchester police if you have seen it. this morning, a worcester man has died after being hit by an alleged drunk driver. 46-year-old george verdict was removed from life support last dues. burdick and his sister killed after being struck by a car on lincoln street. 29-year-old daniel depew is facing multiple charges. injury accident and operating under the influence. he is held without bail and due in court for a probable cause hearing later this month. new this morning the mayor of boston is hiring a former federal prosecutor to investigate his own administration. the "globe" reports the prosecutor will look at the alleged link of city hall and local union members charged in an extortion scheme. members of teamster local 25 were accused of intimidating producers of "top chef" when the show filmed in boston.
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an unnamed walsh administration employee called local businesses and said that the union would picket them if they had any involvement with the show. mayor walsh said he did not know who called the business. and more details on the allegations against the union. the "herald" reports that three of the teamsters were working on the movie "black mass" when they allegedly harassed producers of "top chef." surveillance video of last year put the suspect at a restaurant in milton where the show was filming. and in court documents, a federal agents say all three were scheduled to work on the "black mass" set that day. a pair of dcf workers are on leave failures led to the death of a to the death of a girl in foster care. she suffered heat stroke and had bruising of struggling against her car seat restraints. avilina and other child were found unresponsive in a foster
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all of this adds up to neglect. >> in the case of the auburn foster home. it shouldn't have been a foster home, all right. i mean, if you actually followed the practice standards and the policies that were in place, it wouldn't have ever gotten licensed as a faster home. >>catherine: safeway >>catherine: fox25 was at the statehouse as they doll a blatant lack of oversight by staff. no one has been charged in the case and avilina's official cause of death has not been released. a young father is charged with a horrific case of abuse involving his newborn son. chase meniscle threw his son into nightstand in a fit of rage into nightstand in a fit of rage. relatives tell fox25 that he and the baby's mother were from arizona and flew to new hampshire so family members could meet the 7-week-old baby. he became violent during an argument with the baby's mother. >> didn't look like realistic
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like the baby was a ragdoll and flung the baby and the baby ended up hitting his head on the nightstand. >> the newborn has been released from a hospital and we are told he is doing fine. the child's mother is seeking an order of protection judge. state police want people to know this may look like a real plane crash, but it is only a drill. the faa requires tests like this every three years. smoke coming from the airport as well as a number emergency crews reresponding to a mock plane crash. that drill begins at 7:00 this morning. 4:12 this morning. a new hampshire mother accused of killing her daughter. coming up new at 4:30, where one police official are laying partial blame for the crime. plus, millions of phone customers exposed to hackers. the unusual offer t-mo bile is make making to those compromised. but first shiri spear track rain. >>shiri: showers get steady >>shiri: showers get steadier
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cape, a couple of new this morning the owner of the charlton winery destroyed by arson are questioning the fire department's response. according to the worcester telegram, newly released call logs show it took 29 minutes from the first 911 calls for a fire engine to show up at charlton orchards. fire crews were dispatched to the wrong location and then the town's tanker broke down once it arrived.
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took 40 minutes to get water from a hydrant two miles away even though a hydrant half a mile from the orchard and a pond on the property. charlton's fire chief did not respond to the fire. several high school athletes face discipline for drinking at an off-campus party. framingham high school's principal sent an e-mail to parents saying the school received video of students including some athletes drinking at a party. the principal said self-students may be punished. it is unclear this morning when or where that party was. a hacker has stolen sensitive records from 2 million t-mobile customers. of the firm experion. they process t-mobile. it includes social security numbers, birthdays, and driver license's number. they are offer two years of free credit monitoring but that credit monitoring but that"survivor"service is also
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being offered by experion. 100 dunkin' donuts restaurants will close this year and next. shares have dropped and the canton-based companies. the stores that are closing all inside speedway gas stations. they open a new restaurant every 16 hours and those speedway locations represent only a very small percentages of the sales. and give you another look at the roads 4:17. and you can see right there, it looks like the radar over the map, but beyond that, you can see lots of green on that map. zooming in now, you can see south of the city 128 moving north. 93 moving north. doing okay at the time and the pike is in the green. good things for you. take taking a look at the pike. really nobody getting in your way. 24 it will take you nine minutes 24 it will take you nine minutes. route 9 eight minutes and to the leverett connector, 20 minutes. smooth sailing right now on the roadways.
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tracking joaquin and weather closer to home as well. >>shiri: the most recent update on joaquin and within the next hour we will have a brand-new set of information with the 5 a.m. update that comes from the national hurricane center. major hurricane 1 major hurricane 130-mile-per-hour winds is a category 4. it is in the central bahamas right now. we have got hurricane warnings. and tropical storm twharngs are issued there. and you know what, this whole thing will stay a massive storm until the end -- saturday because late saturday, still a cat 3. we will continue to see it weaken as we go forward. the big changes to the track i was receiving just a little while ago. look at that curve out to sea. expect it to weaken at its intensity far offshore. this track is currently 200 miles. the temperature of this track from nantucket is no longer in the cone here which is good news
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the cone here which is good news. it we could see some impact. a snapshot of where they believe the storm to go. wiggling of that track. stay tuned for further update. right now the biggest impact will be based on that current forecast. our advisory our advisories in effect for today. another coastal flood advisory for all of eastern massachusetts for nantucket for splashover and minor coastal flooding between 1 and 5 p.m. today. and a wind advisory strongest for the cape and island. winds sustained and the northeast wind gusting as high as 50 miles per hour. of course the current set-up is wet, especially boston down into southeastern massachusetts, but i have to say even north of the mass pike here, you are going to find patchy drizzle as you head up into northeastern massachusetts. so you got to plan on wet road so you got to plan on wet roadways today and in fact the rain will continue to spread as we travel through these morning hours. want to pause things up at noon,
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i know you can see the rain reaches about the mass pike here. going to be skewed a little bit further north than that. up into southern new hampshire today, do get ready for some occasional showers. heaviest and steadiest as you go to the south and east. southeastern massachusetts taking the brunt of the showers at 5 p.m. a wet drive home from work. even wetter than you find it out here this morning. the rain will not be as intense as it was on wednesday but it is going to be a bit of an inconvenience. especially over the cape and islands where we have that orange shading. heaviest rain, an inch or more. temps in the 50s and over the weekend we will get stuck in the 50s. coolest day is tomorrow with lower 50s, upper 50s on sunday as things slowly start to dry out. you will see scattered showers throughout your friday forecast here as we ease into sunday and saturday night. as we ease into sunday, the showers tend to fade away. don't see more than coastal drizzle. monday into tuesday a little coastal warm-up. temperatures from in the 60s
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keeping it mostly cloudy. and keeping a close eye on the track of track joaquin and we finally brighten back up wednesday into thursday. back to you guys. 4:20. an arrest in a local murder more than two decades old. coming up at 4:30 coming up at 4:30, what fox25 learned how dna evidence led police to a suspect and how they didn't have to go far to find him.
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gridir few months ago tom brady was the first to sit out the month of september. that didn't happen. he outplayed every player in the league tying the offensive player of the month award. he threw for 1100, nine touchdowns and zero interceptions in the first three games. high school football is returning to fenway for the first time in 88 years. earlier this week fox25 reported that eight high schools will take the field at the home of the red sox. the st. john's prep, catholic memorial will be paying on thanksgiving eve in needham, boston, wellesley, boston latin mr. play. boston college will play a week before the holiday.
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massachusetts for the first campaign rally in the bay state. tomorrow, sanders will make his first stop at springfield city hall for an afternoon rally before heading to boston for the 6:00 event at the convention center. both events are free and open to the public. sander's top comes on the heels of a visit by the hillary clinton. the former secretary of state sat down with boston mayor walsh and maura healy for a community forum on substance abuse. the former secretary of state said dealing with substance abuse and addiction is a priority. she wants to work on the issue at a federal level. >> i want to be a partner with states, with cities, mayor, with institutions, with community groups, with law enforcement, with everyone who has a role to play in prevention has a role to play in prevention, first and formost. >>daniel: mayor walsh commended kill willton for focusing on addiction issues but have not gone so far as endorsing her for
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president. prosecutors in los angeles are going over evidence for criminal case against bill cosby criminal case against bill cosby. his office is reviewing allegations of a model's accusation that bill cosby assaulted her at the playboy mansion back in 2008. police turned over that evidence but no timetable when and if charges will be filed. cosby's lawyers have denied nose claims. >> the first time in three years >> the first time in three years, virginia has executed a prisoner. alfredo preta killed three people in the late '80s and link people in the late '80s and linked to three other murders. all last-minute appeals failed and the execution went on as planned. the execution almost didn't happen because of a shortage of drugs for execution. but texas stepped in to supply those needed drugs. an unusual find. on tuesday, the wellfleet harbor master found this enormous sunfish washed
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near his shack. mass audubon were called in. they took measurement and determined that it was a female. it is going to be added to the database on sunfish. a conservancy putting out a great picture of a white shark. despite the weather getting cooler, the water temperature still inviting for some surfers so beware. interesting. well, it's an item that is being flagged as a safety hazard for years. coming you new at 4:30, the product ikea is doing away with to help protect kids. doing more than just hunting for bad guys. why ready to head out when others head home.
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upgrading technology, managing vegetation, improving how we get information to you, because we know you're counting on us. we're ready for winter, and we want to make sure you're ready, too. visit to learn more and sign up for storm updates. and be sure to follow us on facebook and twitter.
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now at 4:30. breaking news. a possible motive uncovered in the deadly campus shooting in oregon. what the gunman said before opening fire on classmates and a professor. searching for a man and
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woman missing in manchester, n
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